Kristin McWharter

Handmade By Robots

November 4-27, 2019
An exhibition that showcases Chicago based artists who use digital media to assist, influence, or augment their process or final piece.

Northeastern Illinois University
Fine Arts Center Gallery
5500 North St. Louis Avenue | Chicago, IL 60119

Reception: Friday, Nov. 15, 6-9 p.m.

Tête à Tête

December 2019

Tête à Tête: Embodying Dialogues is an exhibition that takes interaction with art as its starting point. It postulates that viewer interaction creates a lasting impression, a moment, and that artistic messages are internalized through these means. Interaction with art does not necessarily mean “interactive art.” While we as curators are interested in the potential of digital work to immerse the viewer, we seek a broader definition of interaction; namely, one which is intertwined with “play.” We see play as a bridge to critical thinking and as a portion of art’s internalization by its viewer.

Zhou B. Art Center
1029 w. 35th street | Chicago, IL 60609

Reception: TBA


January 17th, 2020

Kristin McWharter presents a new performance work SOLO with Mono Lisboa Gallery to kick off the new year. McWharter deconstructs the aesthetics and hype rhetoric of sports narrative through movement, media, and chance encounter.

Mono Lisboa
rua feio terenas, 31A
Lisbon, Portugal