Kristin McWharter

About Work

Curriculum Vitae



Prime, UCLA Grad Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Push, Don’t Pull, MICA Station Building, Baltimore, MD
Grid, Gateway Gallery I, Baltimore, MD
The Intimacy Project, Pinkard Gallery, Baltimore, MD


MFA Candidate UCLA Design|Media Arts, 2018
BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, 2012


Clifton Webb Scholarship 2017
Regents Fellowship 2016-2018
Sondheim Semifinalist, 2016
Light City Grant, 2016
Maryland States Arts Council Micro Grant, Make Studio 2015
RMAR Artists Helping Artists Grant, 2015
Ignite Baltimore Grant, 2013
Vermont Studio Center Artist Grant, 2013
Vermont Studio Center Artist Grant, 2015
MICA Dean’s List 2008-2012
MICA Achievement Award
National Arts Honor Society Scholarship



Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center, 2017
UCLA Design Media Arts, 2016
Ignite Baltimore2013, 2015
D Center Baltimore,2015
Maryland Institute College of Art, 2013
Glasgow School of Art, 2010


Far Bazaar, Cerritos College, Los Angeles CA
Interactive Art: The Relationship of Humans and Technology, BACC, Bangkok Thailand
Hack the Music LA, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles CA
Fall Preview, New White Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Light City, Baltimore MD
Electronic + Technologic Semiotics of the Bodily, Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn NY
Pulse, EMP Collective, Baltimore MD
Sondheim Semifinalist Exhibition, Decker Gallery, Baltimore MD
BBB Performance Art Review, Space Camp, Baltimore MD
Characters Welcome, Schwing Art Center, Baltimore MD
EMP collective PULSE: Salon, Baltimore MD
SEE/HEAR Charm City, Make Studio, Baltimore MD
Borders Boundaries Barricades, Gallery CA Baltimore, MD
The Raft on Lazy River, Artscape, Baltimore MD
Eminent Domain, EMP Collective, Baltimore MD
YESPLEASETHANKYOU, Platform Gallery, Baltimore MD
BBB Shortlist, LabBodies, All Over Street, Baltimore, MD
SpaceCamp Launch, Space Camp, Baltimore MD
In the Round, School 33, Baltimore MD
Body Trap, Artscape, Baltimore MD
SuperNova, Performance Festival, Rosslyn, VA
You Are My Sunshine, Associated Gallery, NY
Abroad, Brown Center, Baltimore, MD
Spines, MICA, Baltimore, MD
TV Dinner, In/Flux, Baltimore, MD
Opus, Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD
Road Block, Area 405, Baltimore, MD
Out of Order, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
Sea Dogs III, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
Wishing You the Happiest Day Under the Sun, Glasgow, Scotland




What Weekly: Experiencing the Creative Process

“The creative process, whether understanding the tangible materials, the realities of a community or personal predispositions, is an experience many can relate to and appreciate. All of the Light City artists are operating beyond their comfort zone, pushing their materials and media, and including others in development and implementation of the final product.” Read more…

ThingsMag: Dear Baltimore: A Critique on Light City

“These are the things that change the dialogue – actually improving our city. Listening to our people… I only saw three art installations, of over 50, that understood our city. One was Lumen, by two Baltimore artists, Kristin McWharter and Steven Lynam, which was basically a few clear white boards that you could write on with LED light markers, to make a community mural. I saw “Black Girl Magic”, “queer af”, and a drawing of a girl with an afro with rings like Saturn around it, suggesting that her hair was space” Read more…


Bmore Art: Light City has Issues

“The individual panels can be appreciated as a stand-alone drawing, or collectively as a part of the larger whole. With each night of the festival, new shapes, colors and words will appear, and as with each individual festival-goers experience, Lumen will change and reflect this uniqueness.” Read more…

City Paper: “Characters Welcome”

“It’s not just the watercolor-and-crayons stuff typically associated with programs for the disabled—though that’s all well and good—Make Studio artists work with a variety of media and disciplines, including digital fabrication, the focus of the program’s latest exhibition. Here, artists worked in collaboration with the Digital Harbor Foundation and Sondheim semi-finalist Kristin McWharter to combine traditional media and modern digital methods, including 3D printing” Read more…

ABC2 WMAR: Light City shines positive spotlight on Baltimore

“When we heard about Light City, we thought that light is really an interesting cross point between art and physics so we thought it would be an interesting exercise to work on a proposal … She’s been working to set up her LED light board and 100 foot long mural… The festival comes almost a year after a different kind of spotlight fell on Charm City. While Baltimore tries to make real progress in what caused last year’s riots, the images have left in indelible mark. Many hope this festival begins to.” Read More..

Community Architect Daily: Three Ways How Creatives Give Baltimore a Voice

“McWharter wants to give regular pedestrians a voice. She adds considerable value to those filmed interviews by painstakingly animating the video frame by by frame. In her webpage she describes the growing art community’s potential to provide the Baltimore public with an accessible platform for sharing opinions, needs, and desires.” Read more…

Engaged Alumni Profile: Q &A with Kristin McWharter
“Questions dance between the sweet and the sinister as they challenge how well we know ourselves and our relationships with each other. In my work, I ask these questions in the form of participatory experiences in which the lines between author and audience are blurred, and our individual experiences evokes dialogue with our larger communities”  Read more… Ignite Baltimore #17 was about loving the city

“Kristin McWharter of Hear Charm City spoke about inherent platform biases and how her rotoscoped interviews on the streets of Baltimore helped her discover her own” Read more…

Kristin McWharter: 2015 Artist Helping Artists Grant Recipient

“McWharter has recently has begun a new body of work addressing how personal narratives, when recounted, have the ability to profoundly move and motivate us as viewers. As such, she has embarked on a series of short animations inspired by street interviews through which she attempts to capture the importance of personal narratives and use their sense of intimacy to instill a sense of agency within individuals and communities” Read more…

All Over Street: Work by Kristin McWharter

Photos by Tommy Bruce from Labbodies All Over Street BBB review. Read more…


“a technology can be as simple as a spoon
as sonic as a breaking trust
as somatic as a sprain
as symbolic as a noise
as sculptural as electrons making their way through muscles” Read more…

EMP Collective: Pulse Salon

“Organized by EMP Collective members Carly J. Bales and Emilia Pennanen, Pulse is a regularly-occurring salon and event series for the discussion and development of performance art work in Baltimore.” Read more…

Bmore Art Picks: January 13-18

“In the Round is a collaborative project by Baltimore based artists Morgan Frailey and Kristin McWharter. On view are a series of fiber-based sculptures and performative objects that are constructed via traditional knitting and weaving techniques and that speak to a larger idea of social circles and interactions. The work addresses both the physical challenges of creating space as well as the challenges of breaking social barriers.” Read more…


What Weekly: Building a Performance Art Audience in Baltimore

“It became clear to us that this festival could act not only as another showcase, but also a space for performers to bring forward works that reflected on borders, boundaries, and barricades they experience and for the community to engage in meaningful conversation about these experiences.” Read more…

What Weekly: #This is Balitmore

“We are experiencing a great deal in Baltimore these past several weeks and with eyes from around the globe watching us, many of us are looking for ways that we can get involved, be heard, and make a difference in our communities. From this meeting, facilitated by Bmore United for change came actionable lists of how community members can get involved and make a significant impact within their communities” Read more…