Lumen is a visual art installation, performance, and interactive community space that allows users to draw with light across the Baltimore city landscape. Over the course of the festival, a curated series of Baltimore based artists and muralists were invited to produce drawings across the installation that inspired and incorporated drawings contributed by the community. The resulting murals were an interweaving of drawings, mark makings, adaptations, inspirations, and negotiations completed over the course of several hours by the community. The wall provided a venue for collaboration, as well as a performance as viewers were able to witness the wall transform over time, interacting and intervening with each individual’s drawings. 





Lumen was a collaboration between designer Steve Lynam and artist Kristin McWharter



Megan Lewis with Jubilee Arts

Julia Owens

Maura Dwyer


Make Studio

Ernest Shaw

Gary Mullen


Lumen is an interactive installation initially featured in Baltimore’s Light City Festival on March 28th- April 3rd 2016.

Special thanks to Kaiser Permanente, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Phaan Hwong, and Joe Mitchell for their amazing support!



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