Beat Suits



Beat Suits

 Two suits with built in circuits; Arduino, heart rate sensor, LED and speaker; two jump ropes, two actors. Baltimore. 2015

As two performers generate a sonic environment of biofeedback as their heart rates swell in and out of sync with one another.

Beat Suits is a durational performance that features a pair of performers jumping rope and wearing costumes outfitted with heart rate sensors that monitor performers’ heartbeats and generate tones that play through speakers embedded in the suits. Each suit has outputs a unique frequency and when the performers’ heartbeats come into and out of sync with each other the different frequencies combine to create the Major chord C which permeates the space, while the smacking jump ropes create a dynamic polyrhythm.

During the performance, the two performers attempt to synchronize with one another by physically mirroring each other’s movement, rhythm, breathing patterns, and audio output of their suits. As the performance continues over time, the performers grow increasingly more fatigued making it harder and harder to prioritize synchronization over the needs of their own body.




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